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1 看起来像look like/be like  

2 是中等身高/身材be of medium height/build  

3 留长发have long hair  

4 在五班in Class Five  

5 认识某人know sb  

6 穿一件红连衣裙wear a red dress  

7 篮球队的队长the captain of the basketball team  

8 留着短的金色卷发have short curly blonde hair  

9 有点文静/胖a little bit quiet/heavy  

10 开玩笑tell jokes  

11 留着漂亮乌黑的长发have beautiful long black hair  

12 停止讲话stop talking  

13 喜欢阅读和下棋like reading and playing chess  

14 留胡子have a beard  

15 因…而出名be famous for  

16 戴着滑稽眼镜的流行歌手the pop singer with funny glasses  

17 有一个新形象have a new look  

18 去购物go shopping  

19 不再not … any more  

20他不再戴眼镜了. He doesn’t wear glasses any more.  

21 我认为他不那么好. I don’t think he’s so great.  

22 没人认识我. Nobody knows me.  

23什么品种的面条  what kind of noodles  

24多大碗的面条  what size bowl of noodles  

25在饺子馆at the house of dumplings  

26极好的两款新品种two great new specials  

27吃/喝的东西 something to eat/drink  

28 特色1 有牛肉洋葱馅. Special 1 has beef and onion.  

29 特色2只要8元买15个. Special 2 is only 8 RMB for 15.  

30今天来买饺子吧! Come and get your dumplings today!  

31上周末last weekend  

32 在星期六上午on Saturday morning  

33 踢足球play soccer  

34 做作业do one’s homework  

35 打扫房间clean the room  

36 打网球play tennis  

37 看电影went to the movies  

38 去海滩go to the beach   

39为…学习study for...  

40开晚会have a party  

41 拜访某人visit sb  

42 阅读do some reading  

43 呆在家stay at home  

43练习做某事practice doing sth  

44对于大部分孩子来说for most kids  

45 看一场电影watch a movie  

46 做运动play/have/do sports  

47过一个繁忙/有趣的周末have a busy/an interesting weekend  

48有点难a little difficult  

49为某人做饭cook/make dinner for sb  

50 看一本关于历史的书read a book about history   

51看访谈节目see a talk show  

52 上个月last month  

53 去散步go for a walk  

54观看…做…watch sb do sth  

55 寻找look for  

56没有狗和家have no dog and no family  

57 你的周末过得如何?How was your weekend?  

58 你做了什么?What did you do ?  

59昨天我们问了三中10名学生他们上周末做了什么?Yesterday,we asked ten students at No.3 Middle School what they did last weekend?  

60 该回家了. It’s time to go home.  

61 度假on vacation  

62 去纽约市go to New York City  

63 去夏令营go to summer camp  

64 去登山go to the mountains  

65 去中心公园go to Central Park  

66相当好pretty good  

67整天all day  

68 做…玩得很高兴have great fun doing sth  

69太拥挤be too crowded  

70 有点儿无聊kind of boring  

71发现…在做…find sb doing sth  

72帮助某人做某事help sb do/to do sth /with sth  

73使/让某人做某事make/let sb do sth  

74有钱做…have some money for...   

75走回…walk back to...  

76 决定做某事decide to do sth  

77晚餐吃…have...for dinner/supper  

78写一份关于…的报告write a report on...  

79 你去哪里度假了?Where did you go on vacation?  

80 她去游泳了吗?Did she go swimming?  

81 …怎么样?How/What about …?  

82 访谈节目talk show  

83 体育节目sports show  

84 竞赛节目game show  

85 不能忍受can’t stand  

86 不介意don’t/doesn’t mind  

87 介意做某事mind doing sth  

88 实际上in fact  

89 今日英语English Today  

90 体育新闻Sports News  

91 健康生活Healthy Living  

92 中国文化Culture China  

93 中国饮食Chinese Cooking  

94 动物世界Animal World  

95实话实说Tell it like it is   

96 和某人谈话talk to/with sb  

97 一个13岁的男孩a thirteen-year-old boy  

98一个8岁的男孩an 8-year-old boy  

99 询问某人关于某事ask sb about sth  

100 把…拿给…看show sth to sb/show sb sth  

101 最酷的事the coolest thing  

102 喜欢做某事enjoy doing sth  

103在学校杂志上in the school magazine  

104 想做某事would like to do sth  

105想变年轻漂亮want to be young and beautiful  

106 爱听赞美我的外表的话enjoy nice words about my look  

107 你认为竞赛节目怎么样?What do you think of game shows?  

108 欢迎收看9点钟的《周末访谈》. Welcome to 9 o’clock Weekend Talk.   

109我也…!  I do,too!(do是助动词)  

110 我也不…! I don’t,either! (do是助动词)  

111煮饭是他*的事Cooking is for moms!  

112 感谢你参加我们的节目. Thanks for joining us.  

113 这儿是他们的喜欢和不喜欢. Here are their likes and dislikes.  

114 它是给他*的! It’s for moms!  

115我想告诉你我的看法. I would like to tell you what I think.  

116 你能把我的信登在下期的杂志上吗?Can you please put my letter in next month’s magazine?  

117我不能忍受老年人不能美的观点. I can’t stand the idea that old people can’t be beautiful.  

118 我不介意年轻人怎样评价我. I don’t mind what young people think of me.  

119 上课吃东西eat in class  

120 上课迟到arrive/be late for class  

121 在走廊跑run in the hallways  

122 在外面听音乐listen to music outsid  

123 在餐厅in the dining hall  

124 必须,不得不have to  

125 穿校服wear a uniform  

126 穿运动鞋wear sports shoes  

127 不必don’t have to / needn’t  

128 放学后/下课后after school/class  

129 上学的晚上外出go out on school nights  

130 太多的规则too many rules  

131 每天早晨6点起床get up at 6 o’clock every morning  

132 约/见我朋友meet my friends   

133 睡觉不超过10点be in bed by 10 o’clock  

134 帮我妈妈做饭help my mom make dinner  

135 去少年宫学钢琴go to the Children’s Palace to learn the piano  

136 大声交谈talk loudly  

137 禁止谈话! No talking  

138 在你们学校又哪些规定?What are the rules at your school?  

139 不许上课吃东西. Don’t eat in class.  

140 在学校允许戴帽子吗?Can you wear hats in school?  

141 在学校你们必须穿校服吗?Do you wear a uniform at school?  

142 你们还必须做些什么?What else do you have to do?  

143 你不必穿校服. You don’t have to wear a uniform?  

144 我从不感到快乐. I never have any fun.  

145 我该怎么办呢?What can I do?  

146 提到/参考prefer to  

147 为了in order to  

148 我发现二单元最难因为…. I found unit 2 to be most difficult because ….  

149 为了提高英语我希望做下列三件事. I hope to do the following three things in order to improve my English.  


150 在中餐时at lunch time  

151 在20岁时at the age of 20  

152 在圣诞节at Christmas  

153 在太阳升起时at sunrise  

154 在中午at noon  

155 在黎明at dawn  

156 在 5月5日 on May 5th  

157 在新年at New Year’s Day  

158 在春天in spring  

159 在4月in April  

160 在19世纪in the 19th century  

161 在巴黎in Paris  

162 在七年级五班in Class Five,Grade Seven  

163 在…中间in the middle of...  

164 在…后面at the back of…  

165 出生日期date of birth  

166 起初at first  

167 最后at last  

168 准时on time  

169 在路上on the way   

170 及时地in time  

171 最后in the end  

172 此刻at the moment  

173 在值日on duty  

174在广播中on the radio  

175 总之in short  

176 赶快地in a hurry  

177 最后in the end/at last  

178 下车get off  

179 向…学习learn from  

180 照顾look after  

181 现在at present  

182 同时at the same time  

183 步行on foot  

184 出售/在卖on sale  

185 在电视上播放on TV  

186 在危险中in danger  

187 立刻/马上in a minute  

188 请求ask for   

189 嘲笑laugh at  

190担心worry about/be worried about  

191 害怕…be afraid of...  

192小心,关心be careful with…  

193 以…为自豪be proud of...  

194 酷爱be crazy about  

195 对…有好处be good for...  

196 最多at most  

197 至少at least  

198 马上at once  

199 在照片上in the photo  

200 对…感兴趣be interested in …   



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